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From the front entrance of The Kunja's 3-bedroom villa grounds, you are greeted by a rich and luxurious Bali Villa with swimming pool and lush tropical garden set on a 720m2 property.

Choose a Daytime wedding under blue skies, in the peace and quiet of our 3 bedroom villa or choose a Night time wedding in the dramatic and magical Bali evening with the reflection of candlelight and amazing lighting surrounding the swimming pool and lush garden.

To symbolize the start of your life together, which do you select? Day or night?

We stand ready to tailor your special day, to create a couture wedding which will surpass the wedding of your dreams.

To realize your dreams, The Kunja's 3 bedroom villa is one of the most luxurious villa properties on the Island of the Gods.

The Kunja Villa WeddingThe Kunja Villa Wedding

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