Santi Chapel Wedding

Santi Chapel

From the front entrance of the Santi Chapel grounds, you are greeted by cascading terraces of water in the image of Bali's rice terraces, enveloping an award-winning glass chapel as if floating in water and set in a lush tropical garden.

Choose a Daytime wedding under blue skies, in the peace and quiet of the air-conditioned chapel or choose a Night time wedding in the dramatic and magical Bali evening with the reflection of candlelight and amazing lighting from within the pools of water surrounding Santi Chapel.

To symbolize the start of your life together, which do you select? Day or night?

A unique blend of Balinese water terraces with a glass wedding chapel to bring the beauty of Bali into your wedding as a treasured guest. We stand ready to tailor your special day at Santi Chapel, to create a couture wedding which will surpass the wedding of your dreams.

To realize your dreams, Santi Chapel has been built in Bali at the most luxury villa property on the Island of the Gods.

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